Designing wireframes, high fidelity mockups and interactive prototype.
What is Explorer?
Explorer makes it easy to discover, visualize, collaborate and share maps within your ArcGIS organization. Personalize your experience with ArcGIS by marking your favorite maps and places, finding information that is important to you, and sharing it with others. 
This app has been available on iOS since 2014. As part of a refresh, plans to introduce an Android version were included.
Update the UI and UX of an existing app on the Android OS to enhance functionality and usability of the app. The design should adhere to Google's material design guidelines.
I started by creating several sketches for the design on my tablet. After putting together the sketches into an interactive prototype, UX patterns and screens that didn't work were eliminated. 
With the sketches of wireframes that were working, high fidelity mockups were created in Sketch. 
The sketches were also used to create a click through prototype in InVision

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